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Attuned eating versus healthy eating

Several diet survivors have recently asked us a similar question: Am I following the attuned eating approach if I decide to eat something because it is healthy?  The simple answer to this question is “yes!” 
Here is a brief explanation:
We usually talk about matching as being the food that will feel the best in your body.  What “the best” means can depend on how you feel in a particular moment, and will vary from person to person.  As you learn how to decide what will satisfy you, you may also choose to pay attention to other factors.  You may decide that while all foods are legal, there are times where it feels caretaking to choose foods considered healthful.  For one person this may mean eating less processed food, while for another person this might mean adding some foods high in fiber.  If you eat them and feel satisfied – both physically and psychologically – then you are following the principles of attuned eating. 
If, however, eating certain foods  – or staying away from them –  triggers a sense of deprivation and leads to overeating, then you need to reflect on what happened.  The biggest issue we see is that a person says they are choosing certain foods for health reasons, but really are hoping these choices will promote weight loss.  The goal of attuned eating is to listen to your body and trust it. Only you know what feels truly caretaking for you!


Eat well! Live well! Be well! Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel, are co-authors of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating: 847.267.1200

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