Freedom from Emotional Eating, Food & Weight Obsession

Who Hires Ellen to Stop Overeating?

path to emotional-binge eating recovety

Your goal is to stop overeating. But, the path isn't clear.

You need to know HOW to stop overeating. Freedom comes when you have new tools to manage any and all emotions.

If you identify with any of the following, you may be ready for Coaching…

  • As soon as you start eating, it feels like a switch gets flipped. Now you can’t stop overeating.
  • Thoughts of food, dieting, and weight are the center of your universe. It’s exhausting and you want relief.
  • You eat when tired, bored, frustrated, angry, lonely, anxious, depressed…feels like a habit.
  • You use food to relax, to self-soothe, even when happy.  Maybe you eat to avoid any intensity of feeling!
  • When you want to procrastinate, you shift your attention to food and that serves as a temporary distraction.
  • You’ve tried every diet program known. None addressed the root cause of why you overeat. Is it an inability to tolerate uncomfortable feelings?
  • Maybe you know you’ve been eating to “stuff” feelings, but no one has offered you the practical tools and skills needed to stop…and you really, really want those tools and skills!
  • You want to enjoy eating something delicious without feeling guilty or feeling compelled to eat everything else in sight.
  • You’d like to accept a social invitation just because it sounds like fun, without worrying about what size you were the last time you saw the people who invited you.
  • If you could stop emotional overeating, you believe your weight could just take care of itself.
  • You want more energy, fewer physical limitations, to feel more satisfied with your image, You know there are no instant miracles that’ll make life perfect, but you want steady signs of emotional and physical recovery; progress and improvement.
  • You’re open to trying a new approach that’s not diet or weight-focused (even though doing so brings up some fear).
  • You’re soooooooo ready to find new purpose; something other than food to feel passionate about.
  • You’re ready to make yourself a priority.
  • You want to walk into a room with your head held high.
  • You dream of finding the support you need so, once and for all, you can overcome this life-limiting emotional overeating challenge.
Ellen on the phone

You want to work with someone who truly gets it! Would you like to learn more about whether Coaching with me is a good fit? If so, click below.

“ Hi Ellen! I think of you often. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing fantastic! No binges for over a year. No dieting and no weighing. I feel so liberated!! I can’t believe I lost so many years of my life with that crazy obsession. I feel like I have a normal and reasonable relationship with food and one of the best things is that I only have 1 size in my closet and it has been stable for over a year. I am accepting of my body and I actually appreciate it and see it in a completely different way. I can actually appreciate my own beauty now. I hope that doesn’t sound too conceited, but I really am so happy. I spread your message often. Thank you so much for guiding me to recovery! Recovery is so worth the time and work it takes to get there! ” *
In gratitude, YC in Washington

With the right support, you can stop overeating!
You've Got This!

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