Press Room

The Oprah Winfrey Show

“When Food is Love” (November 2 & 9, 1992)

O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine

“Stuffed!” (August, 2007)

Emotional Eating; How Holiday Stress Triggers Problems Empowered Patient Column
Binge Eating; Numbing sadness with food (January 20, 2011) “Weightless” Blog Eating Disorder: Q & A with Ellen Shuman
Part 1 “Weightless” Blog Eating Disorder: Q & A with Ellen Shuman
Part 2 “Weightless” Blog Eating Disorder: Q & A with Ellen Shuman
Part 3

Red Magazine (UK)
Balance; Canadian Mental Health Association
City Beat
Girl’s Life Magazine
“Stop Emotional Eating” (July 2008)
Healthy Magazine (UK) “Do Your Emotions Rule Your Stomach” (March 2006)
Experience Life Magazine “Food Trap” (March 2006) Part One
Part Two
Cincinnati Magazine “Confession of a Binge Eater” (Cover Story-January 1994)
Cincinnati Woman Magazine “Healthy Beginnings” (Cover Story-January 1999)
Cincinnati Woman Magazine “Big Kids: When Your Child is Overweight” (July 2000)
Cincinnati Magazine “Beyond Fen-Phen and Redux” (January 1998)
Applause Magazine “Why Can’t I Stop Eating; One Woman’s Story (Dec/Jan, 1994/1995)
Cincinnati Medicine “Binge Eating” (Fall, 1993) “Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder”
Cincinnati Enquirer “Emotional Eating” (Jan. 10, 2001)
Cincinnati Enquirer “The No-Diet Diet” (Sept. 27, 1999)
Cincinnati Enquirer “Fat vs. Fit; The Weight Debate” (May 2002)
Cincinnati Enquirer “Weight-Loss Winners; Deal with underlying issues (Nov. 5, 1997)
Cincinnati Enquirer “After Fen-Phen; Experts Here Support Removal” (Sept. 24, 1997)
Cincinnati Post “Even Tiny Weight Gain Risky” (Rebuttal, Sept. 14, 1995)
Cincinnati Post “The Eating Dilemma” (Nov. 25, 1994)
EastSide Weekend Magazine “Why Do You Eat; For Binge Eaters Hunger is the Last Reason”  (July 6-12, 1995)
EastSide Life “Slim and Fit Kids” (Dec. 8, 1999)
WLWT Summer Survival Guide “Stop Dieting Forever” (Summer 1999)
Broward Health Magazine “Emotional Eating; Strategies to Stop” (Fall/Winter 2009-2010)
Hyde Park Living “Acoria…So Much More Than Just Another Diet Program”  (January 1998)
Hyde Park Living “Ellen Shuman Want to Make a Difference”      (February, 1994)
Eastern Hills Journal “Acoria Center Expands” (Oct. 25, 1995)
Forest Hills Journal “Eating Disorders on Rise in Children” (Oct. 18. 1995)


Television and Radio Interviews about Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Overeating,  and Emotional Eating Topics:

WLW Radio
WCIN Radio
WVXU Radio
WMUB Radio
101.5 FM- The River


Broadcast Awards:

Clarion Award; Women
in Communications Inc.

Emmy Award
National Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences
(Nashville division)

TV Health/Medical News Series Reporting
“Binge Eating Disorder; Why You Can’t Stop Eating” (1993)
Reporter/Producer: Ellen Shuman

Nashville Documentary; WSMV-TV
“The  Consuming Secret” (1988)
Reporter/Producer: Ellen Shuman


Journal Publications:

Behavioral Medicine Incidence of chaotic eating behaviors in binge eating disorder:
contributing factors (abstract)  2002 Fall:28(3):99-105

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